A personal guide powered by artificial intelligence for a mindful workplace

Pause is an AI-driven companion that personalizes mindfulness, sound therapy and interactive journaling to help you be and feel your best – mentally and physically. We are your guide on a path to amazing mental health.

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Set Intentions.

Identify what’s important to achieve mental, emotional & physical excellence.

See Results.

Get transparent feedback on improvements to sleep and heart rate from connected wearables.

Be More.

Reach new heights with an artificially intelligent personal trainer for your mind.

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Mental Health.

empower your people


retain top talent


increase productivity

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meet the founders

Carl and Shubh started Pause in an effort to champion mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Carl Eckert

Co-founder & CEO

Obsessed with changing the way we live and work, Carl is on a mission to improve our mental health one workplace at a time. Prior to Pause, Carl worked at the intersection of real estate and technology for Brookfield Properties.

Shubh Jagani

Co-founder & CTO

Shubh is constantly learning. As the technical co-founder of Pause, Shubh's main focus is to deliver an amazing experience for its users. Most recently, Shubh led the growth-notifications team at Yelp as a Product Manager.

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